Merchandise. I love it! How does it coincide with a Stage Hypnosis show?

Traditionally merchandise is anything from t-shirts to hats, from posters to wrist bands and just about anything else you can think of.

These are all good but nothing, I repeat NOTHING can beat Hypnotherapy Audio Programs.

These programs are by far the most popular AND the most profitable. (more on that shortly) People at your show have issues they’d like to solve such as reducing stress, quitting smoking, curing phobias, losing weight etc.

As a hypnotist, you can help them with that. Of course, I do recommend you get hypnotherapy training first so you know what you’re doing. The last thing people need is a poor quality product. A great place to learn hypnotherapy is at the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. Just saying’.

There are some differences between Hypnotherapy and Stage Hypnosis. You have to know your stuff.

Remember the 10 Commandments of Stage Hypnosis? What was the first commandment… “KNOW THY STUFF.”

After your audience watches your show, they wonder how hypnosis works and will it work on them. They are looking for a solution to their problem and may want to meet you and get themselves a souvenir.

This is where your amazing hypnotherapy programs come in. You have a solution to what they are looking for. A high quality solution. Don’t sell them crap! I’ve seen it too many times.

Within Stage Hypnosis University I show you exactly how to create and make these programs available to your audience members and on your website.

Profit? Ahem… it’s ridiculous. My cost? .17 cents per program. The price? $20. It’s a beautiful thing. The product is valuable and does what it promises so it has great value. The 11,000% markup? That’s a thing of beauty.

You will be selling a lot of product after your show so be sure to get this going as another source of income to your already wonderful fee you charge for the show.

The secrets to exactly how these programs are created is inside the members area of Stage Hypnosis University. You’ll love the simplicity, the security, the light weight and yes… the 11,000% markup.


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